Several Basic Terms In Blogging You Should Have Known

Basic Terms In Blogging

Blogging has been popular thing in internet and everyone can do blogging. Although, now there has been video blogging trend, but blogging in many ways still got the place on some internet users. Blogging still has been legit thing to try for both developing writing skill and earning money through advertising and some affiliations.

There are many ways to earn money through blogging. For those who are still newbie at blogging, you may not familiar with the term of blogging. Sometimes, we need to learn more to know and understand every term related to blogging. There are many terms from simple thing like content until backlink that has been issue on traffic booster on main page of a blog.

Thus, to start a day with learning blogging, here are some common terms you should have understood in blogging to ensure that you will be familiar and get more ease to blogging.


Post defines as an activity to distribute the content information to be read by others. Posts can last between one person and another person through the mediation of the email or from one person to many people as a person does when posting on social #media, blog, website or other mass media.By posting, then a person may disseminate the information the form of articles, phrases, images, video or sound files quickly and easily.


It is a term for people that have a blog or create content on a blog. Blogger builds a blog usually for spreading information or announcements for others who read their blogs. But there are also bloggers who make the blog as a means to write an experience or expression of mood every day. One blogger code of conduct is to present blog content courteous, free from racism, harassment and it does not result from copy and paste from other blogs. A blogger should be creative and post their unique contents, so they will keep being good and readable.


It is unique name that is used as an address to identify a website, server or blog on the Internet network. Domain can be used to distinguish one server address with another server. Therefore, there is no website or server with the same name in the Internet world. For example, if a server using the name, then there will be no other server that can have exactly the same domain as the domain have Google.Upscale Domain also has a classification of the state, such as various websites in United Kingdom whose domains ending with “” or Malaysian website with the domain “.co.My


It is document or file that contains information about the model or the view that is usually used as a reference when creating other documents. A good template is a template attractive and eye catching without forgetting the ergonomic side.Someone who wants to create a blog or website usually requires a template as a reference design and appearance of his blog. At that time there were a lot of blog template that can be downloaded for free making it easier for novice bloggers blog in designing an eye-catching display and ergonomic.

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