The Most Common Mistakes In Blogging

Do you know that blogging has been a big deal in internet world as it has been one of the best place to promote and to keep people exists with their ideas? Video blogging start changing the habit of people in writing but there are still people that do blogging. If it is still a big deal that people should follow and do, you still have a place to be a phenomenal blogger. You may not know on how famous people and writer come as a little person from blog.

For those who are still newbie may think that there is no chance in blogging as video blogging is more trending. They may also ask why their blog is still underperformance. You should have known that everything should be consistent and it does happen in blogging. When you keep writing and let people know your blog and ideas, people will happily wait and read your new posting. Can we observe the mistake?

There are still many common mistakes in blogging you may have done and that can be one of the reasons why you are not into and hard to get the peak performance in blogging, here are the most common mistakes in blogging you should avoid when you are going to try blogging.

Blogging Mistakes

  1. Lazy to be consistent in writing

This problem may be the most common mistake that every blogger knows how it feels and how it can be. It is common that sometimes blogging is not as fun as when it is popular and YouTube occupied it. It is just one of the reasons why. The absolute reason why you cannot get more traffic year by year is because you are lazy to be consistent in writing while the important key in blogging is keeping consistent in writing.

  1. Copying ideas without developing

Another common mistake that blogger does is copying ideas without developing and does not stay original for their content. It usually happens on blogger that makes money from the blog and they only think about traffic without thinking the quality of content and the rule that Google has given to the bloggers in the world. It is always important to keep everything original including thing like ideas, how you write and what words you choose and more. Somehow, when you make money as the main goal, you will forget about the purpose and you may not write in well manner and forget about the real manner in writing for blog.

  1. Forget the essence

As money has occupied the soul, some bloggers will forget the essence including any essence that everyone should have known about that like essence and urgency of posting an idea, essence of your blogging. You will take anything to get more traffic. The essence of blogging is sharing ideas so it is not good when you do harassment like copying people ideas without developing the content and adding more elaboration in certain case. Don’t care about the respond of reader but just be back to the essence you hold to write a post on blog.

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